Thursday, September 27, 2012

Time will not wait....

Been enjoying the early mornings & lack of sleep, using it to my advantage with the extra time; long walks along the river & yesterday at the right moment caught a glimpse of a pod of dolphins with their infants playing about. Both Sophie & I sat on the rocks for a while & just observed in silence. After 10 minutes we were joined by a row of people we usually pass on our walks, with their dogs, perched up on the rocks, all in silence, mesmorized by the simplicity & amazing natural wonder. The dolphins were doing their thing, oblvious to us all gawking at them, some probably wishing they could do this more often, others appreciating not having to buy a ticket to watch such a spectacle & others like us, absorbed in the opportunity to just observe in silence.Later that day I was having a chat with someone who is going through the loss of a family member at present, whose days are nearing the end & only the universe knows when that will be. We were chatting about the finality of life & how so many people even right up til the last breathe refuse to acknowledge all life has a beginning & an ending. Many are happy to throw life around like it is endless & if it breaks you can take it back & try something else, buy a new one or borrow someone elses. In our materialistic world, of all the things we have to face, death still remains the unspoken discussion, remains the fear, the dread & yet it is in death that we learn out greatest lesson....HOW TO LIVE!
Unless you have experienced death & by that I mean touched it, held it, heard it & watched it, it is difficult to really comprehend that time waits for no one. Read all the stories you like, weep if you must, tell yourself because you know someone who lost someone you 'get it', few really do.
Your life is not tommorrow, not yesterday, it is today.
If you are wasting your life you do not 'get it'.
If you are breathing & spend more time complaining about suffering than you don't 'get it'.
If you are telling yourself you don't have enough money to make your dreams come true & you have a house, a car, things, clothes, latest gadgets & eat what you don't 'get it'.
If you are telling yourself this is good enough, the passion has slipped from your relationship, the smile from your face, your body tired & weary, too tired to enjoy the joys of being one of the fortunate few to have someone who loves don't 'get it'.
Life will not wait.There are no guarantees there is a tommorrow.How many lives will be lost as I type this note? How many random acts of violence, innocent deaths, loss of life due to preventable disease & suffering, how many children, partners, sisters, brothers, friends & family will not see the night out.
This year I have known people whose husbands didn't come home & there truck driving husband fell asleep & made national news; losing loved ones overseas without the chance to say goodbye, ache for not being able to tell them one more time what they wanted to all that time.How many people right now are breathing & yet think they are already in hell? They can't know how precious every breath is, they take each opportunity to have a roof over their head, love in their hearts & a life to live for granted because they want more & they want it now. How many people do not realise that living is a choice, existing is just going along for the ride.What you take for granted is up to you, take responsibility for it, if you choose to waste your life, waste opportunities & decide instead of feeling gratitude for the life you have, spend it complaining about the life you wish you had, the life in magazines, the life of neighbours, the life of people you don't even know. For goodness sake wake up people. Your life is YOURS & your life only. Time will not wait.Tis the Spring Equinox & all about reflection, new life, finding balance in the good & not so good, in the old & the new, in letting go & forging new paths.How did a species so clever & amazing become so caught up in selfishness & greed & all the things which continually bring suffering to the individual & the wider community? How is it that as human beings we use our voices to complain more about what we don't have than reaching out to share what we have with those who have less.
I am reflecting, maybe what that was all about this morning, time to reflect. Maybe those opportunities are presented to us all, yet we are so caught up in the busy moments, in the whinging & whining, in the what I don't have, in the wanting more, we fail to see those moments.Life is all about that. It's making time, creating moments & taking responsibility for what you miss, it's your choice.Somewhere today a family are waiting for their loved ones last breathe, they are contemplating all the lost opportunities, all the things they hesitated about, should have said & didn't.YOU CANNOT WAIT! This is the lesson. Time will not wait for you to catch up, it will not wait for you to build your confidence, you cannot push your expectations onto others & believe your way is the only way, the world DOES NOT revolve around you; you make the world revolve, your energy, your contributions, your use of every breathe & every moment you are alive.
If you are taking & not giving, if you have not learned life is all about giving you won't 'get it' till the last breath.Life is not in things, there a million quotes to remind us from people who have all gone before us, who have learned their lesson & want to encourage others to not make the same errors, time will not wait.Time will not wait for you to tell someone you love them.Time will not wait for you to save more.Time will not wait for you to plan that holiday next year or the year after.Time will not wait for you to be a better person.Time will not wait for you to get into shape.
This is about listening to your voice; the voice of compassion, the voice of wanting (of love & connection...don't confuse it with things!); the voice of belonging. You are what you live, what you live every day, the words you use, the voice, your actions, how you treat others, these are all your choice.The other day I read a story of a woman who is now a successful solicitor, as well as a paraolympian. What makes this person amazing is when she was a baby she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma (eye cancer) & lost one eye; after adjusting to that & before starting school, she lost the other to cancer. Not ever one to give up & with parents who could use that determination to channel it in a positive direction she went on to complete her HSC with awesome marks, go to law school & go onto to be a runner at Olympic levels! All without her sight! All with surviving cancer.The world is full of stories of people who looked fear in the face & said get the hell out of my way I'm coming through. People who took life by both .....mmmm hands (LOL) & everything it has to offer, with total disregard for not having the right gear, the right body, the right mind, the right anything, they had an unwaivering sense of determination & resilience to live every breathe until their last.Now I'm not here minimising your struggles, your suffering or grief you have experienced & I certainly wouldn't express it unless I had walked the walk! It hurts like hell!!!! & it stays in the quiet depths of your inner hard drive in a file you keep for when your time comes to meet again. You can choose to either use it to make you stronger or let it bring you down to a level where the view will be just like living in hell! Get up damn it! GET UP!In my lifetime I have had the most amazing experiences. I've travelled to many parts of the world, made friends with the most amazing people, I've loved, been loved, laughed, cried, screamed & danced & every single experience is living.I didn't end up now where I thought I'd be, I had a lot of frustrations & painful lessons along the way, yet I never let anyone tell me what I truly wanted & I know never to trust one persons advice! People will only see the world through their eyes!!!
This year all the astrologists, predictions, even alternate spiritual wise ones are speaking the same language. A shift is in the air. A time to think about who you are, what do you contribute, what meaning does your life have, what legacy will you leave behind.So in true 'Spring Equinox' celebratory form I share with you my thoughts, encourage you to stop & watch dolphins play; tell someone you love them, don't wait, play more with your children let the crap wait! Make that call, don't put off or hestitate, be passionate, feel alive, feel the cold, the heat, the smell of life in your veins & don't waste a single moment. TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE!

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