Monday, January 4, 2010

the 'owning things' obsession

Peter McAllister hit the nail on the head in 'Manthropology' only he referred to the male human beings and how little they have evolved throughout history....when we look at what man/woman/child started out with, a hole in a rock or thatched hut, basic purpose built tools, comfort for warmth to meet basic needs, we have to wonder who really evolved? Maybe the history books have it all wrong and this is actually a species in reverse. This constant obsession with objects, with owning things, with controlling people, owning people, defining themselves by the label they wear, drive or how many properties they own. Why is it the question "so do you rent or own your house" creeps into so many introductory conversations or "so what do you do" can usually tell the sincerity and intelligence of a person by how quickly they accept "I'm a Leisure technologist" as your answer and due to their brain being composed of mostly crap, they don't have the RAM in their brain to process new information outside of their understanding......Sad really....that human beings have become so detached from their emotional perception that the cannot here the voice of their soul, the empty void of past pain, hurt, loss, loneliness screaming out to them to listen, to feel to be.....they can't here because of the ka..ching...ka....ching of the cash register or the the jingle in their wallet (or their partners?), they cannot see the invisible cord which connects them with their children, just like the umbilical thru birth, hanging by a thread, the risk of being ripped from their child's heart, because they are blinded by the light shinning out of their gluteus maximus, they miss seeing what they consider 'the little people' because their head is held up so high, propped by what they consider status, that they walk straight over what matters most to get more things, to get where they believe it is where they want.
Life truly is a journey, one of discover, where we are headed is not on any map, you cannot GOOGLE it, its inside you all along. There are roads, they connect your heart and soul with each other....we choose who we become, how we treat each other, how we treat ourselves, what sets us apart from other species is our ability to choose our path....any attempt to fill this empty feeling inside with 'things' with 'status' with '$$' will be lifelong, a bottomless bag, these things will block the roads connecting our hearts and soul, block our vision of what our children really need, distance us from partners, family, friends and colleagues and erode the very fabric of what makes us the most unique species on the planet.....all that we have at the end is a dash, a simple line between the date we were born and the date we die - How will you live your dash ?

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